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Chinese assistance to Sri Lanka not based on particular Party or Govt - Chinese Envoy

The Chinese Government yesterday said that its assistance to Sri Lanka will never be based on a particular Party or Government.

Chinese Envoy in Colombo Qi Zhenhong during an open dialogue with a group of journalists yesterday said that China is providing support to whichever in Party in power. “No matter who is in power, China’s support is for the People of Sri Lanka: Zi Zhenhong said.

He said that Sri Lanka’s meeting with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout has impacted ongoing credit talks with Beijing.

Sri Lanka going to the IMF with a short notice has unavoidably impacted the discussion,” Qi told a briefing, adding that China is closely monitoring the discussion between the country and the multilateral lender. The Chinese Ambassador when questioned about the allegations of China’s debt trap diplomacy said that Debt Trap is only a myth, created and hyped by some foreign media and politicians intentionally.He stated that China is engaged in all-out efforts including from local governments, social groups, companies, schools etc., to support Sri Lanka to overcome the current difficulties.The Ambassador was of the view that Western developed countries, especially those who colonized Sri Lanka in history, should also come and help the country. The Ambassador pointed out that within the past two years, China has extended assistance to Sri Lanka in many forms including 26 million doses of COVID vaccine, numerous PPEs and medical equipment, US$ 2.8 billion in financial support as well as creating around 11,000 jobs for Sri Lankans in Chinese projects. “China has provided 730,000 MT of fuel to the CPC with a value of US$ 500 million from July last year to January 2022. Sri Lanka has already paid only for 7 ships and payments for 12 ships to be made which is US$ 390 million,” Qi Zhenhong said

“Most of the Chinese loans are concessional and going to infrastructure and eco-social development,” the Envoy emphasized. - Forign agencies



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