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Mahanayake Theras in letter to President call for Interim Government

The Most Ven. Mahanayakes of the four Chapters in a letter to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa have urged him to immediately dissolve the Cabinet, including the Prime Minister, in accordance with his powers, and hand over the country to an Interim Government who are prudent on the depth of the current economic crisis.

The Chief Prelates have also suggested that a Government that will ensure the sovereignty of the people can be appointed   through a Parliamentary Election once the economic and social environment of the country improves.

The letter has been signed by the Mahanayake of Malwatte Chapter Most Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala Thera, Mahanayake of Asgiriya Chapter Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera, Mahanayake of Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Nikaya Most Ven. Dodampahala Rahula Thera and Mahanayake of Sri Lanka Ramannaya Maha Nikaya Most Ven.Makulewe Wimala Thera.

“Today our country is rapidly becoming a state that fails to meet the basic needs of the people due to the opportunistic political theory that has been pursued for more than seven decades without a definite national policy,” the letter said

“Fed up with the sharp rise in the Cost of Living, the people are now expressing their displeasure and opposition to the entire political structure, including the Government. As the Maha Sangha, we do not condone any attempt to suppress peaceful mass protests”.

The Mahanayake Theras also said in their letter that they don’t condone the attacks on the journalists under the pretext of suppressing protests. “The entire Government should understand that attempts to suppress mass protest will aggravate the situation”, the letter added.

“As the Head of State of the country at this crucial juncture, we urge you to be sensitive to the aspirations of the people, to understand the aspirations of the people and to take action to provide relief for the welfare of the people”.

The Mahanayake also proposed the President to appoint a Board of Experts to give advices to this interim administration. They also said that an independent committee can be appointed to see whether the recommendations of the Board of Experts to solve the economic issues are being implemented in a transparent manner”.


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