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Need to amend Abortion Law - Justice Minister

Justice Minister Ali Sabry,PC said in Parliament yesterday (8) that he acknowledges the need for an amendment to the Abortion Law.

He added that some countries have already legalized abortion in cases of pregnancy due to gang rape. He noted that in such instances where a female has been raped and is unable to abort the foetus, the mother looks at that child with hatred and disgust.

Responding to a question posed by SLPP Kurunegala District MP Shantha Bandara, he said it was an unpleasant but important and timely topic and thanked the MP for bringing up the issue.

Minister Sabry said he was ready to consider proposals to bring in legislation to legalize abortion of children born to girl who have been gang-raped, subject to certain conditions. He said therefore, it was important to initiate dialog regarding this issue in order to gather the viewpoints of all. MP Shantha Bandara pointed out that in certain instances where a girl has been gang raped and is unable to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy, many have resorted to committing suicide.

He noted that therefore, it is important to legalize abortion in such instances.

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