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Spider-Man No Way Home

Web of nostalgia

Swinging back to the moment that changed Peter Parker’s life in ‘Far From Home’ (2019), ‘No Way Home’ reveals to us why it is crucial for Peter to keep his identity hidden from the world. With great power in his hands the youth soon learns that great responsibility too is at stake when his cover is blown.

The third installment of Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise sees the return of previous actors who took on Spidey’s roles. This is indeed a treat for Spidey fans but as the saying goes – too much of anything is good for nothing and ‘No Way Home’ proves that point.

Armed with multiple villains and many heroes, brought forth by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange, one becomes confused what this drama is all about. Is the plot designed to develop Peter’s character or is it a mere display of what the films and those in the past offered? Sadly, we do not see Tom Holland’s character maturing in any manner though he remains as likeable and addictive as ever.

In his effort to turn back time according to Peter’s bidding, Dr Strange unleashes villans that Spider-Man had already fought in the past. Enter Dr Octopus (Alfred Molina), Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Electro (Jamie Foxx) Sandman and the Lizard. Moreover stepping out from the parallel universes are more personifications of Spider-Man.

There is a jumble of action and sounds as everything is put in a chaos with too many notable characters crowding the screen. The dialogue is witty and funny too. Holland, Zendaya and Batalon are believable as kids who find themselves often out of their depth. The battles are coherently staged.

Technically this isn’t Spider-Man’s first foray into the Multiverse. We’ve seen this before, with stunning results in 2018’s ‘Into the Spider-Verse’. The bold and ambitious screenplay redeems Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon/ Electro. Peter faces his biggest and darkest challenges in this film, and the actor fully embraces it. Holland simultaneously elevates the rest of the cast while managing to stand out on his own.

‘No Way Home’ is undoubtedly crowd-pleasing. This is a must for Spidey fans as it is a celebration of your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.

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