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Pleasant personality power

Her passion for fashion lured her into the field. Soon she found out that beauty is not just skin deep but requires brains and a striking personality too. Embodying the best of both worlds Sachini Sathsarani Perera competed in the Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2021beauty pageant and emerged as the second runner up at the event. She also won three mini titles: ‘Miss Elegant’, ‘Miss Beautiful Smile’ and ‘Miss Glowing Skin’.

“This year’s pageant was held both online and offline in some instances because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a tough task but one has to change and adapt according to the times and needs. We were trained by Rozanne Dias. Some of the mini pageants were conducted face to face. Though the pageant took more time to conclude than those in the previous years, we are happy that they have managed to select the top three contestants at Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2021,” Sachini explained.

For Sachini, Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2021 was her first taste of the pageant world. She is enthusiastic about her achievement because it marks a significant entrance to the beauty and glamour world.

“I try to gain experience by stepping into diverse fields. I am eager to update my life by following brands and fashion programmes. I have noticed that beauty pageant winners are not simply pretty faces. They have colourful personalities too. Enhancing one’s personality with one’s beauty is my motto as well. That is why I decided to try my luck at Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2021. I am fortunate to clinch three mini titles as well as the second runner up title at the event,” she elaborated.

She says that she gained a lot by taking part in the event. She was thrilled to meet her competitors who worked together with her to make the pageant a success. Those who trained them too gave a lot of valuable pointers which helped her to clinch this win.

“I believe that it was my personality which helped me come this far in the competition. I have always strived to come forward as a leader. I think the jury and organizers noticed this quality and the fact that I am good at multitasking. I am also able to coordinate with people well. I believe these are essential qualities for a beauty queen,” Sachini said adding that she was not simply interested in brushing up her outward beauty but also worked on enhancing her inner beauty as well. She believes that Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2021 paved the way for her to shine as a person who can touch and change many lives.

“My mother encouraged social welfare activities though alms givings. I have witnessed how she helped the needy from childhood and wanted to follow in her footsteps and spread love and kindness. I have a yearning to help the needy. My family and I donate clothes to needy children in Katharagama annually. I am also a nature enthusiast. I have taken part in many environment conservation- related projects like tree planting and beach cleaning programmes. I wish to conduct more such projects in the future and launch my own charity project so that we can do more good for those who are in need,” she said adding that it has also been her childhood dream to be a part of the UN. She plans to work on making that dream a reality.

Queried on what was the toughest part of the competition for her and Sachini says that it was the online mini pageants. Since she was someone who was used to working face to face with people, she was more comfortable in the judges’ presence than interacting with them through a screen.

“My grandmother also took part in a Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant many years back. She too won a mini title. She handed her crown down to me before she passed away. She is the one who told me about the nature of beauty pageants and the invaluable experience she gained at such events. I was inspired to take part in this pageant mostly due to what she has told me,” she expressed.

Sachini’s diploma and degree in clothing technology and textiles which she earned from RMIT University, Melbourne, was also useful in her pageantry venture. She says that it helped her enhance her fashion sense by identifying the latest fashion trends in the industry and in incorporating them to suit her personal style.

“This helped me stand out in the competition,” she emphasized.

She is currently engaged in her completing her Masters in Fashion Business Entrepreneurship at RMIT University, Australia. She is also helping out on the family business while engaging in her own business ventures. Her ambition is to be an entrepreneur in the fashion and business fields.

Hailing from Kottawa, Sachini comes from a family of five. Her father is businessman while her mother is a home-maker. Her brother is studying for a degree in Business Management while her sister is engaged in studies in Food and Nutrition Science. Sachini has completed four diplomas in different fields and has engaged in four diverse types of professions.

“Beauty pageants are not solely about physical beauty. It’s a blend of beauty, skills and qualities. Therefore, develop unique personalities. This will help you shine not only in the beauty pageant sector but also in life,” are her words of wisdom to youth who are hoping to take part in globally renowned beauty pageants.


* Describe yourself in a few words: I’m Sachini Sathsarani Perera - the second runners up winner of Miss Intercontinental Sri lanka 2021. Professionally, I’m a textile technologist, hair dresser, beautician and a business woman. Currently, I’m doing a Masters in Fashion Business Entrepreneurship in RMIT University, Australia.

* What do you believe is your greatest strength and greatest weakness: Great leader (strength) overthinking (weakness)

* Two things you cannot do without: I cannot start the day without a workout and without a plan it is hard make an initiative.

* Favourite comfort food: Lasagne

* Two celebrity wardrobes you admire: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

* Best beauty tip you can give to another contestant: Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water

* A global beauty queen that you admire: Harnaaz Sandhu

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