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Future SJB Govt will ensure food security - Eran

SJB MP Eran Wickramaratne said the government has been misled by the wrong policies of removing chemical fertilizers from commercial agriculture. He said the SJB has already planned to uplift the value added agriculture at commercial level using chemical fertilizer under a future SJB government.

Addressing a media briefing held at the office of the Leader of the Opposition in Colombo, he said that the wrong policies pursued by this government manipulated the economy,  and as a result the entire country is now facing an unprecedented crisis and the people are unable to live without access to essential items and service.

“Initially, government revenue fell by one third due to tax concessions given to businessmen who helped them come to power.

Thereafter, consumers had to face great hardships due to shortage of goods and increase in prices by giving concessions to the companies of cronies under the trade monopoly which led to corruption, theft and fraud. Also, due to misguided foreign policies, foreign reserves have gone down without investments or remittances, preventing them from importing essential commodities, including medicines and fuel, without dollars.

Government lost millions of rupees as revenue due to corruptions in importing Sugar, coconut oil and antigen kits as well. Now due to rice shortages, large scale rice traders are now benefiting from rice imports.The government lost Rs.15.9 billion due to the sugar import fraud alone. Also, restricting rice import opportunities to associates will lead to an increase in prices as well as a shortage of food.

This government as a cover up to Dollar shortage stopped the import of fertilizer and also stopped subsidizing the use of chemical fertilizers creating a huge food crisis in the country.

The SJB has done a proper study on the importance of using chemical fertilizers. Steps will be taken to strengthen farmers by reviving the value-added agricultural products to a commercial level for export markets. The MP assured that the country would be ensured of food security and plans are underway to encourage the export of value-added agricultural products under a future SJB government.

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