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Playing the mind game…

She wears many hats. From being a lawyer to a dubbing artiste, professional model, former captain of Sri Lankan Army, TV news anchor, writer, life coach and Mrs Sri Lanka Universe Nadeepa Ranasinghe is the epitome of grace, beauty and intelligence who has venture into many diverse areas and had excelled in each sector.

“I am who I am today because of all these roles you mentioned. If I am considered as a successful life coach today it is because I have experienced many colours and shades of life. I believe that I was guided by the universe step by step starting from establishing solid communication skills as a media person, logical thinking and vast knowledge I gained as a lawyer, the endurance, stamina the art of warfare as an army captain, the corporate culture and the business world as a legal officer and a business woman. More than all these roles and responsibilities I was transformed and enlightened during the time I gave up all these challenging roles to play the role of a mother,” Nadeepa said.

Though she has surpassed in many areas, Nadeepa’s childhood ambition had been linked with space.

“I was enthusiastic about planets and stars. I even wrote letters to NASA. I was simply fascinated to see what was happening above me and my sole ambition was to explore it. I never thought that I will look at the universe in the perspective I look at it today. Today I teach that we all have our own universe within us. The creator and the creation force is gifted to all of us. I guide people to utilize this power to make lives beautiful,” she added with a smile.

“We all thrive to achieve both material and non-material things in life. When we struggle during this process it causes stress and anxiety. We are constantly threatened with fears of failing to achieve things we desire the most. We sacrifice our valuable health, time, peace of mind to keep running this never ending race and end up in misery. We see a lot of luxury vehicles on the road today but it is impossible to find a happy content person who is stress-free and living in abundance. It is a mind game. It is not how hard you work or how long you have been doing it. It is your thought process that manifested what you have now. Thoughts have a frequency. One should understand how it works and learn how to tune it to bring us what we want,” she opined.

She speaks from experience as she too has possessed negative vibes for a short span.

“Being unaware of the forbidden truth of having a powerful creation force within us, we get lost and end up devastated in the rat race the society has created. I was a victim of that and even after achieving so much in life I ended up with severe depression. This period was a turning point of my life. I was already a lawyer at this time but I was forced to stop and wonder who am I and what do I really want? This is where I began to follow my intuition by following mindful meditation techniques instead of medication. Whoever is going through depression, anxiety or feeling down at this moment, the first thing they should do is to think who you are and what do you really want in life. Believe that you can do whatever you imagine, to achieve whatever you want and immediately start off by making the necessary adjustments in life,” Nadeepa advised.

Her inspirations are drawn from knowledge. She conducts ‘Maya Doratuwa’, an extensive live online training programme. She uses her experiences and vast knowledge to help guide viewers to re-engineer the brain and train the mind to achieve a happy and successful life.

“I teach advance meditation techniques, relaxation techniques and problem solving skills to help them focus on the goals and achieve them at a speed they never thought possible. Therefore, participants of this live programme get to know the techniques to bend the reality they experience around them. It’s a magical experience!” she elaborated.

She also has a YouTube channel in which she tries to help people erase the incorrect ideologies and failing theories they have grown up with.

“Most people Sri Lanka have got it all wrong calling it daiwaya, labeema, karumaya (fate) etc. They strongly believe they are destined to suffer. They have been programmed with wrong advice for decades. I help them and teach them that every single one of them can succeed by themselves and no political leader or party or anyone can do it for them. We all have that free will to change our lives. We need to stop blaming and accusing others and start developing our inner strength to create the life we always wanted,” she pointed out.

Always on the look out for a challenge Nadeepa has taken part in the Mrs Sri Lanka Universe pageant in 2018 when she had gained tons of weight and had suffered from increased cholesterol levels.

“Even though I was advised by my physician to go under medication to control cholesterol, I insisted that I will somehow control it by diet and exercise. I really wanted a motivation to reduce my weight and get back in shape. Only then I saw the advertisement calling for Mrs Universe Sri Lanka pageant contestants. Suddenly it dawned on me that this is a great opportunity to take on since I will be encouraged to get back in shape. I went through a good training since I wanted to bring the best version out of me. I did my exercises daily I went for jogging daily and I came down from 70 Kg to 55 within just few months and the cholesterol levels miraculously went back to normal. Winning was not my target initially but going ahead I felt that I could give a good fight. I always have the spirit to take on any challenge so I did the best I could do and amid all sorts of drama and competition I ended up winning the Mrs Sri Lanka title for Mrs Universe 2018. It was a beautiful experience and the victory helped me bounce back from a challenging period of my life,” she said.

Contestants from over 90 countries took part in the Mrs Universe 2018 pageant held in the Philippines. Nadeepa’s academic achievements were revealed in the Presentation Segment and she ended up winning the Mrs Universe Perfect Woman mini title at the event.

“It was not something I expected. I felt so thankful because it was not an easy journey for me. This was a milestone in my life which gave me enormous lessons and experiences,” she mused.

Hailing from Balangoda and growing up in Kalutara Nadeepa is a product of Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya, Panadura. Her father, Ranasinghe P Liyanage, was a journalist. Her mother, Menike Ranasinghe, was attached to the probation department of Sri Lanka. She has a brother who is a professional photographer. Nadeepa is married to Chamath Paranawidana who is the Managing Director at Thina Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd. She has a seven-year-old daughter, Yuwaarya Paranawidana.

Unfurling her thoughts about the pandemic Nadeepa says that the coronavirus is a result of the universal principle of rhythm.

“There are four seasons and we know we have to get ready for winter. Likewise we have to understand we all have ups and downs. Even a little cell molecule and atoms has their own rhythm. Why can’t we accept these natural rhythms when they occur and change accordingly? Japan was devastated when Hiroshima was hit by a nuclear bomb. America had a black era when they faced the great depression. They successfully raised their vibrations to overcome the disaster. See what they have gained today coming from the bottom stronger than ever. We Sri Lankans have pure potential to reach the top. Hitting the bottom and being there for a long time we should never do the same mistakes again and again. We can identify our mistakes, our weaknesses and strengths. Most important thing is to understand the process to reform. This is a good time for us to change our poor negative mindset and refrain from being slaves. The people alone can do this if guided and motivated,” she expressed.

Her advised to women who wish to excel in various sectors in life is to love oneself first. Secondly, love one’s family. “Love means respect, caring, understanding. Man or woman - that’s the best thing we can do. If you want to win your life do this first. No matter what happens in your life you need to be honest with your own thoughts and emotions.

Let others judge you, but do not give your attention to unnecessary things beyond your control. Just relax and be focused,” she concluded.

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