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Sing 2: Come and Sing Again

Karaoke cartoon

When ‘Sing: Come and Sing’ made an appearance in 2016, it immediately became a classic. It even managed to lift the statuette for Best Animated Film at the Golden Globe Awards in 2017.

This fictional film introduced the world to unforgettable characters such as Buster Moon, Rosita, and Ash. Five years later a sequel comes up with new musical themes, laughs, and some memorable moments.

‘Sing 2: Come and Sing Again’ tells how Buster Moon, after having the theater of his dreams, wants to achieve another of his goals: to present a musical in one of the most important cities in his country. To achieve it, this koala will have to convince a retired musical star to sing and act with them - a difficult task to accomplish!

We will see some funny moments in this colourful script, which will be enjoyed by young and old alike. It also introduces an antagonistic character in the form of Jimmy Crystal. This enriches the story since it is not at all predictable how he will react to Buster’s requests.

Reflecting on self-love and confidence in our talents is a theme that is highlighted in this sequel. No one will invite us to succeed in what we like, so the only thing left is to work for our dreams using our skills. Whether it’s Rosita conquering her fear of heights and getting back her lead role, Johnny mastering his dance skills from catty street dancer Nooshy, much to the chagrin of his domineering ape coach Klaus Kickenklober, Meena choosing true love with ice cream selling elephant while performing with her stage partner, the horse Darius or Clay returning to center stage after being a recluse for a decade and a half, the movie takes us on a journey with each character as they overcome their inner conflicts and emerge more mature and stronger.

Following the footsteps of its prequel, ‘Sing 2’ too dishes out some foot-tapping tunes. The musical choice by director Garth Jennings is perfect, ranging from the sweetest and most romantic songs to the funniest and most empowering. A duet sung by Scarlett Johansson and Bono is one of the highlights of the film.

Kids will certainly enjoy the film because the plot is simple. But at times, it does feel it’s too simple. It may seem like trying to over-analyse what is essentially a children’s film but a string of past movies like ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Shrek’ have proven to keep the adult audience glued to their seats too.

If you enjoyed the first film, ‘Sing’, then you’ll have a good time watching ‘Sing 2,’ too.

‘Sing 2’ is screening at Liberty by Scope Cinemas, PVR - Colombo 2, Milano 2 – Kegalle, Scope Cinemas (CCC) – Colombo 2, Kandy City Center – Kandy, Maxx Lite – Moratuwa and Vista Lite – Ja-Ela

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