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Victoria generating hydro electricity to capacity - Engineer

Prevailing dry weather conditions likely to affect generation

All three turbines of the Victoria Hydro Power Plant are in operation and are generating 4.5 to 5.5 gigawatt hours of electricity, engineer in charge of the Victoria Reservoir, Wasantha Ehelapitiya said yesterday. He said power generation that should be done when the water level in the reservoir is at its maximum capacity is being done at this moment and with the prevailing dry weather conditions, it will not be possible to generate electricity in this manner for a long time.

He added that the Victoria Power Plant is generating electricity at maximum capacity to provide electricity to the people without any power cuts due to the current power crisis in the country.

He said that from November 29 to January 12, 191.279 megawatts of electricity was generated by the Victoria Hydro Power Plant.

The maximum capacity of the reservoir which was 722 million cubic meters in the last week of November has now dropped to 467 million cubic meters, Ehelapitiya said.

Due to maintenance work on the pipeline that carries water to the Canyon Power Plant, 75 MW obtained from that power plant will not be generated for five days. The engineers in charge of the Laxapana, New Laxapana, Polpitiya and Wimalasurendra hydropower plants said that they are generating maximum power.

The water levels in Castlereagh and Moussakelle reservoirs are dropping sharply due to the prevailing dry weather conditions on the western slopes of the central hills.

The maximum water capacity of Castlereagh Reservoir is 155 feet and as of yesterday (13) it haddropped to 144.2 feet.

The maximum water capacity of Moussakelle Reservoir is 120 feet. It was at 85.9 feet as of yesterday (13).

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