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Police to check on temporary residents in CMC area

Sri Lanka Police will be collecting the personal details of all the temporary residents who have migrated to the Colombo Municipal area from other areas on January 14, 15 and 16.

Details will be collected in order to ensure national security and to eliminate criminal activities and narcotic drugs in the City of Colombo under the ‘Let’s Protect National Security and Eliminate Crimes and Drugs’ initiative of the police.

A detail collecting form compiled in accordance with the article 76 of the Police Ordinance will be issued by the police to the permanent residents of the municipal area in whose houses, business places or construction sites the temporary residents are residing.

These forms can be collected from the Community Police Officers visiting the respective areas or the nearest police station during these three days.Duly filled forms should be handed over to the respective police officers or the police station, police said.

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