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All evidence in Church grenade incident looked into - IGP

Inspector General C. D. Wickremaratne yesterday said a comprehensive investigation is underway in connection with the incident where a hand grenade was found at the All Saint’s Church,Borella.

He said investigations are being carried out in an extensive manner in relation to this incident and all persons involved will be taken into custody irrespective of their status and they will be produced before Court.

The IGP in a statement said that the Colombo Crimes Division took over the investigations after initial investigations carried out by the Borella police in this regard.

“Relevant CCTV video records were used in this investigation according to the provisions of the law. Investigations are continuing based on information revealed through the CCTV videos and circumstantial evidence as well as people’s evidence, the IGP in a statement said.

He said that the police have already recorded statements from 14 over this incident while gathering of evidence is continuing.

He said that analyzing of information is also continuing. “Continuous investigations are being carried out based on scientific, circumstantial and technical evidence as well as on evidence given by witnesses while assistance from scientists in relevant fields is also being obtained, the statement said.

These investigations are still in the initial stages and a complete investigation is being conducted to identify the person or persons who brought this hand grenade into the church and from where and for what purpose it was brought.

The IGP said in a statement that investigation is also aimed at unraveling whether certain persons have engaged in a conspiracy and who has aided and abetted this.

“|Submissions have already been made to Court regarding the incident and the progress of the investigation is to be reported further to the Court.

Similarly, such a hand grenade was discovered at a private hospital in Narahenpita and subsequent to an extended investigation of three months it was possible to take into custody all persons involved in the incident and produce them in court.

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