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Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2021 Sade Greenwood

Stepping beyond her comfort zone…

Her success lies in taking steps to expand her comfort zone so that she developed confident in many situations. A positive vision and the urge to take the Sri Lankan name onto a global platform drove her to take part in the Miss Sri Lanka World 2021 beauty pageant. Not only was Sade Greenwood crowned as the winner but she also managed to capture eyes and hearts at the international competition by making it to the top 10 in the Beauty with a Purpose round.

“It’s surreal! I still remember when Sri Lanka was announced in the top 10. I had just been looking around not realising they had even said it out loud! Being able to communicate my beauty with a purpose in a room full of spectacular people was one of the most life changing experiences ever. It was such an honour to represent Pearl Protectors and speak on their behalf about their cause,” Sade recalled one of highlights of the event.

The 70th edition of the Miss World pageant which had been scheduled to be held in December 2021 was postponed to March, 2022 in Puerto Rico due to several contestants and staff members testing positive for Covid-19.

“The competition being shelved was a surprise to all of us because it was so close to the finals, but the Miss World Organization and the local authorities handled it well and looked after the girls. They made sure that we were cared for and we were safe. So hats off to the organization because we came out of it stronger and more excited for the finals in March. When I head back to Puerto it’ll just be for the final week so I’ll definitely have to brush up on certain skills such as my speech. However, I think one of the main things that get you far in the competition is just being yourself. So more than anything, I think I’m just going to go back to Puerto Rico with an open heart and an open mind,” she said.

She says that she mainly looked forward to learning about the new culture and meeting new people when she embarked on her Miss World journey to Puerto Rico last year.

“I went in there with no expectations because I really did not know what to expect. However, upon arriving there Puerto Rico had exceeded my expectations because I met so many beautiful souls, with a culture so rich surrounded by people who are just as warm and friendly as their country. Honestly, it felt like a dream come true!” she enthused.

The contestants were grouped into different teams at the international beauty pageant. Sade says that she naturally became close to the girls in her team which was the ‘Red Team’.

“However, I think the person I got the closest to is my roommate Amine, who represented Norway. Over the course of one month, the two of us became really good friends and got along so well. In fact, the two of us would even have the same thoughts at times where I would look at her and say, “Shall we order Pizza?” and she would be like “I was just thinking that!” That’s when I knew we would get along just fine!” Sade added with a smile.

For her the most unforgettable moment so far during the competition were the bus trips that she shared with her teammates.

“There are so many moments in Puerto Rico that would make this list but I think no matter where you go, the company always matters and being able to spend time with the girls was one of my favorite memories. We would dance, sing, crack jokes and play games to pass the time and in all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said.

Queried on what is he new thing she learnt during her stint in Puerto Rico and Sade bursts into giggles.

“I learnt to dance! I’m not really a big dancer, so learning new dance styles from all over the world was a very pleasant surprise for little old me. It was definitely, something I never thought I could do,” she said.

Sade’s greatest inspiration is her grandfather. Though he never got to see her represent Sri Lanka, she believes that he is watching her on this journey.

“I know he’s proud of the woman I’ve become. I can’t wait to continue making him proud,” she added emotionally.

Asked to share three beauty secrets and Sade breaks into another smile that lightens up her features.

“Well, I guess they aren’t secrets anymore… just kidding!” she says mischievously before adding, “Definitely, prep your skin at least a couple of hours before makeup. It helps your product sit better and last longer. Second tip - eat papaya before bed. Papaya is like the holy grail of fruit, it really helps give that glow to your skin. Lastly, catch those zzzzs…I don’t think these are secrets - more like universal tips but trust me these are all so important.”

Besides fashion and beauty Sade is also into Animal Rights and Marine Conservation. Her love for animals is oblivious as her home is filled with rescue animals. Her passion for Marine Conservation emerged when Pearl Protectors introduced her to the project in 2019.

Sade is engaged in studies at the International Relations at Tokyo International University in Japan. She vies to work for an NGO in Sri Lanka when she finishes her degree with the aim of helping the needy people in Sri Lanka access basic necessities and improve their overall standard of living.

“I’m working on a number of charity organizations in Sri Lanka. Currently I’m working with Pearl Protectors and soon I’ll be travelling around our island with Tokyo Cement in order to work with them on a number of projects they are currently endorsing. I’m so excited and hope to be involved in more projects in the future,” she said.

Born and raised in Colombo Sade is a past pupil of Asian International School. Her parents are Patrick Greenwood and Samanthie Greenwood. She has an elder sister, Sabrina, who lives in London.

“I owe most of my success to my family, friends and my school for instilling so much value in me and guiding me every step of the way. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from this journey, it’s been that no matter where life takes me, I’m always going to have the drive to try new things because you never know how beautifully it can impact your life,” she explained.

“Times are hard and unpredictable but remember that no matter where life takes you, face each day with courage and bravery. The thing about life is that it never slows down and sometimes it doesn’t give you time to process things but that’s also the beauty of it because it makes you much stronger. So, my advice would be to keep going and be strong no matter where life takes you. Also, if there’s a tip I could leave with you all it would be to try something new! Go out and learn a new skill, read that book you’ve always wanted to read. Don’t be afraid to prioritize your happiness because life is too short for ‘what ifs’,” is her message to the world at the dawn of 2022.


Short questions

* Describe yourself in three words: Honest, bubbly and charming

* Favourite food: Pizza

* Most precious thing you own: My dog, Lola

* Your 4 am friend: Dinuri

* You cannot do without: Family

* How do you face criticism: Think of it as opinions and forget about it

* Slogan in life: “Always stay humble and be kind”

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