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Shelter from “Protectors of the Nation”

Sri Lanka Army builds houses for the needy:

“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.”

Anthony Liccione


According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word “house” means ‘a building that people, usually one family, live in.’ “Home” is the place where you live or the location where you feel you belong.

These definitions make us all know that a roof above a man has a high impact on society. So this becomes the newest story of the Sri Lanka Army, the “Protectors of the Nation”, who has taken steps to build houses for several needy families across the country.

As the most prominent and disciplined human resource of the country, the Sri Lanka Army, has shouldered the worthy cause to support the needy families with houses in addition to their current activities such as vaccination, tree planting, beach cleaning, nation-building, organic fertilizer production, disaster response and many more.

Empowering President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s National Policy Framework Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour, Defence Staff Chief and Army Commander General Shavendra Silva directed all Security Forces Commanders to carry out house construction projects. Those projects are being mainly operated with the human resources and technical skills of hardcore military troops.

Philanthropists, donors, religious leaders, and Lions Clubs have contributed financially to this good cause. Government officials such as divisional secretaries and grama niladharis selected needy families and individuals.

This humanitarian assistance strengthens ties between nationalities, religions and societies in the country. The results of this hard work can be, especially, seen in Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The contribution of the Army towards this mega project saves millions of labour costs and technical costs including carpentering, meson and landscaping work. This humanitarian effort wipes the tears of many families who undergo economic difficulties. It gave smiles to their faces at the house-warming ceremonies.

Without limiting their work only to construction of houses, troops also help these families to turn them into homes with the supply of furniture, electricity, water, electronic appliances, and by planting valuable saplings in the garden. With gratitude, the Sri Lanka Army mentions that this programme showcases Sri Lankans’ willingness to help each other.

Sri Lanka Army troops – 1 Corps, Security Forces - Jaffna, Security Forces - Wanni, Security Forces - East, Security Forces - Mullaitivu, Security Forces - West, Security Forces - West, Security Forces - Central – are constructing hundreds of houses islandwide.

Meantime, thousands of houses islandwide have already been completed by the hands of the “Protectors of the Nation” islandwide under the leadership of Defence Staff Chief and Army Commander General Shavendra Silva and the supervision of 1 Corp Commander, Security Forces Commanders, Colonel of the Regiments, General Officers Commanding, Brigade Commanders and Commanding Officers of respective battalions.

Troops built houses using bricks and cement and converted them to homes with humanity, togetherness and determination towards a better tomorrow of Mother Sri Lanka.

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