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Get easy waves at home

You can go as tight and springy or loose and wavy as you like, but if you thought a curling iron was the only way to add body and bounce to your hair, you’ve been missing out!

Hair rollers are a fun and easy way to achieve curls or waves. Don’t be intimidated by these hot tools—they’re easy to use. Read on to find out.

Why you should use hair rollers

Firstly, for anyone with fine hair, a few heated rollers around the hairline and on top of the head can work wonders. Even if you don’t have fine hair, they can fake the look of a blow-dry.

Secondly, curly hair is back. And those long foam rollers can create a very impressive ‘80s curl without the damage of a heated tool.Hair rollers are suitable for any type of hair so you are free to use them as you desire.

Wash and prep

You’ll want to start with fresh, clean strands. Begin by washing your hair with your favourite shampoo and conditioner. Towel-dry your hair, then gently brush through it with a wide-tooth comb. To prevent frizz, apply a Leave-In Serum throughout your hair. Then, allow your hair to air dry until slightly damp.

Before you start rolling, comb or brush through your hair to get rid of any knots and tangles.

Basic steps on how to use hair rollers

After the step above have been completed, take a small section of hair and place your flexi rod at the end. Slowly roll the rod up the section of hair until you get to the root, making sure your hair wraps around the roller smoothly and evenly. Bend the flexi roller into place until secure by bending it in place.

Continue sectioning, rolling, and bending until you have flexi rollers throughout your hair.

Let it set

If you want same day curls, put your curlers in during your morning routine and allow them to set throughout the day. If you need to speed it up, you can blow dry your flexi rollers to set your curls quickly. If you want overnight curls, put your rollers in at night and sleep on them. While this may not be the most comfortable option, you’ll be left with beautiful curls and no heat damage. Wrap your head in a silk scarf or bonnet, or sleep with a silk pillowcase to avoid frizz and flyaways. Then, gently remove your flexi rod hair rollers one by one after they are set.

Buying hair rollers

Rollers come in different types, listed below are the different types of rollers:

*Velcro rollers will give a gentle set to already blow-dried hair. Unless you apply heat with a hair dryer after they’re in place, they won’t actually change the hair texture.

* Heated rollers, on the other hand, will actually set the hair into a different wave pattern; it’s the heat followed by the cooling down that creates the wave or curl and helps it to last. They are great for a quick, voluminous blow-dry finish.

*Those long foam rollers were originally called Molton Browners—they’re for tighter curls or tighter waves, depending on how they’re wound. You can apply them to towel-dried hair and sleep in them—as the hair dries, the curl will set.

Compiled by Ruwini Jayawardana


Tips to keep in mind when using hair rollers

*Roller size
Yes, the larger the roller, the less curl you’ll get, so it depends on your desired effect. If you have fine hair and it’s just volume you’re after, go for large rollers.”

* Do you cover the whole head?
No, a lot of the time I use them just through the top for root lift.
If you are going to cover your whole head, you’ll need around 10 to 15 large rollers—of course, it does depend on your hair length and thickness.

* Which way to roll
Always away from the face, otherwise the hair will bounce forward and look old-fashioned.



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