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Spreading love and peace

Based on the current events that are happening in the world, many of us might feel like the future is uncertain and that the world is ending up being a sad place. With war, hate, and unfairness happening; we feel helpless sometimes not knowing what to do to help stop these things from occurring.

However, there is a way and it starts with you. Spreading love and peace in the world in your own way can really make a difference and make the world a more positive place to live in. This is the basis of Miss Lumiere International World. The global beauty pageant, which is due to be held at the end of November, is all about how the luminous woman cultivates a core of peace and self awareness. The Miss Lumiere International World 2021 ore judging will begin on November 21 while the talent round is due on November f28. The final will be held on December 5. It will be held virtually due to the global pandemic.

Representing Sri Lanka at the pageant is the glamorous Matheesha Udawatte. Though this was her first beauty pageant, the beauty promises that it would not be her last one.

“It seemed like a new adventure and a new avenue to try out and test my talents. So decided to try it out,” she says when queried on why she took part in the beauty pageant.

The pageant was held virtually due to coronavirus restrictions. Matheesha believes that her hard work, passion and dedication earned her the title as Miss Lumiere International Sri Lanka.

“Perseverance is the best virtue. You have got to keep going no matter what people say and think about you. You have got to keep moving forward and keep trying. That is the lesson I learnt by taking part in Miss Lumiere International Sri Lanka,” she explained.

She says that a team of professionals are currently working with her so that she will be groomed and prepared to present the best version of herself at Miss Lumiere International World 2021.

Top designers like Charini Suriyage and Kamil Hewavitharana, hair and make up artists Vasantha De Silva and Prabath Gamage from Kess Salon and photographer Arantha Sirimanne are working with her. Stone and String is the official jewelry sponsor and Brian Kerkoven and BK Model Management preps her. Sabeetha Wanniarachchi is the National Director of the event. Clear Media Productions along with Nuwan Ranaweera is the official videographer.

Another area she is passionate about is music. As a director of the Voice. Print Music Academy, Matheesha’s name has always been synonymous with soothing melodies.

“I really enjoy working with children at the academy. They are a joy to be around with and they are super talented. It is a pride to shape them into amazing superstars,” she enthused.

Fitness is another area she is concerned about. Pilates and barre are her specialties. She works as a Barre and Pilates instructor at Barressential Pilates Studio.

Her ambition is to be unstoppable and to conquer every area. She does not want to be cornered into one thing or one box. Instead of targeting to be just one thing, Matheesha aims at conquering all her dreams. She goes to become a multitasking expert in all the fields she chooses to experiment. She is working on a new music video these days. Dilan Irugalbandara is producing the project.

“I am really excited about it,” she revealed with a smile.

Her message to other young ladies who wish to try their luck at pageants like Miss Lumiere International Sri Lanka is to be really strong and have a strong core.

“It is not all easy and glamorous as it seems. Be prepared to work hard and have thick skin. Do not be affected by what others say. Learn from people who know more about this field,” she advised.


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