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SLRPA wants better deal for rice farmers

The Sri Lanka Rice Producers Association (SLRPA) expects the Government to increase the prices of three main rice varieties, Nadu, Samba and Keeri Samba.

The SLRPA further said even the farmers in major paddy producing areas in the Polonnaruwa District are reluctant to release large stocks of paddy in their possession.

SLRPA President Suraj Jayawickrama said at a media briefing in Polonnaruwa that as long as the country’s multi national companies urge the Government to increase the prices of main essential commodities, such as sugar, milk powder, LP gas and wheat flour, the authorities should also look into the difficulties faced by paddy farmers countrywide since they too bear an unbearable high cost to produce paddy.

“Accordingly, we urge the Government to increase the price of a kilo of Nadu rice to Rs. 110, Samba to Rs. 130 and Keeri Samba to Rs. 160,” he said.

Jayawickrama further said paddy farmers are not willing to sell their stocks according to the prices mentioned in the recent Government Gazette notification citing that if so the farmers will have to suffer a large loss.

SLRPA, Secretary Mudith Perera highlighted that it is unethical to import rice when our farmers have adequate paddy stocks in their possession and the Government should increase the price of paddy considering the requests of farmers in the country.

He said the country needs around five million kilos of rice a day and currently the farmers own adequate stocks of paddy for a period of nearly five months.

He therefore requested the relevant authorities to give their Association an opportunity to discuss this matter with the Government, especially with the President or the Prime Minister and resolve this important issue without further delay to save the country from an imminent rice shortage.

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