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Livelihood development main focus of forthcoming budget - Namal

Minister of Development Coordination and Supervision and Youth Affairs and Sports Namal Rajapaksa said that livelihood development will be the main focus in the forthcoming budget, and thereby, a people-centred economy will be established, to uplift the national economy.

A series of discussions on obtaining rural level development proposals for the preparation of the budget for the year 2022 was presided by Minister Namal Rajapaksa last week.

These discussions were held at several places covering the Weligama, Matara, Yatinuwara and Hakmana electorates.

It was stated at this discussion that when allocating funds for 2022, the Government has decided to prioritize regional development to expedite the provision of development benefits to the public.

The Minister said that the budget proposal for the year 2022 presented by the Government is more specific, as it allocates more funds for the creation of new entrepreneurs in the country, giving priority to development projects to be carried out at the rural level.

Issuing a statement, the Ministry of Youth and Sports stated that the local representatives were made aware that the Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa is scheduled to present the new government's budget report for the year 2022 to create local entrepreneurs in the country and make the country self-sufficient through a productive economy to uplift the rural economy and give strength to the national economy.

Minister Rajapaksa highlighted the fact that the present Government has been able to successfully bring the country back to normal by remaining at the forefront of vaccination in the world.

During the discussion, the Minister said that the Government, which has continued to carry out development projects in the country in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, has made plans to launch a massive development initiative in 2022 with a large number of rural development as well as large scale projects.

The Minister added that measures have been taken to provide Rs. 4 million from this year's budget to the Local Government bodies to revive the rural development, which was hampered by the pandemic. In addition, all Grama Niladhari Divisions islandwide will receive allocations of Rs. 3 million each. It is requested to create proposals prioritizing the development of public affairs and the uplift of entrepreneurs in the village.

It was stated that a Chairman of the Divisional Coordinating Committee will be allocated Rs. 100 million for development activities in his constituency and a sum of Rs. 20 million will be allocated for the Deputy Chairman of the Divisional Coordinating Committee. Accordingly, it aims to find solutions to the short-term challenges posed by the pandemic and address local barriers to economic growth.

The statement further read that arrangements have been made to allocate 40% of this year's budget for livelihood development, 40% for public infrastructure development, 10% for environmental and sustainable development and 10% for social welfare and social development.

The Minister has also pointed out to local representatives that the money allocated from this year's budget should not be spent on the distribution of machinery/equipment but should be given to the extensively studied and prepared livelihood project proposals.

"The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna achieved all the victories that could be achieved in the shortest period in its history as a party. We are bound to protect the trust of the people. We are going to the next election after reviving the collapsed economy and fulfilling the promises made to the people. We have a proper plan to achieve those development goals. Ten state ministries are working together to build a rural economy. Project reports are prepared, and the programs are implemented and monitored in the respective Grama Niladhari Divisions," Minister Rajapaksa added.

He also mentioned that if one new entrepreneur comes from each Grama Niladhari Division, 14,000 new entrepreneurs will be born in the country, and many job opportunities will be created." It has been instructed to use 40% of the benefits of this year's budget for livelihood development activities to make these activities a success. In addition to these benefits, large scale development projects in rural and urban areas are being carried out through the respective Ministries", he said.

Moreover, he said that Rs. 206 billion worth of development projects are already underway in the Matara District. In addition, 195 billion development projects are being implemented in the Hambantota district. "In addition, we plan to invest over Rs. 200 billion in the Matara District through 12 new development projects identified within the next five years. The opposition is always in need of a lockdown; they do not want to send the children to schools and people to love with a thriving economy. Amidst all, the Government is taking every step possible to eradicate poverty and bring forward a prosperous economy," he added.


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