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Consumers shortchanged by unscrupulous traders

The vegetables at the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre(DEC) which is considered as one of the major vegetable distribution hubs in the country are being sold to consumers at exorbitant prices.

Vegetable vendors are charging more than two or three hundred percent of the wholesale price from consumers. Accordingly, the consumers have to pay more than Rs.60 per kilo of radish which is sold at around Rs.15 per kilo at the wholesale price.

Also, although the wholesale prices of a kilo of upcountry vegetables like carrots, cabbage and other items, are between Rs. 65 and Rs. 45 per kilo respectively, its retail price has increased by Rs.150. However, the wholesale price of a kilo of beet from Jaffna is Rs.15, though the retail price of other vegetables has gone up beyond the reach of consumers.

Meanwhile, consumers point out that a systematic distribution method of vegetables is essential to prevent this situation as it is very clear that the unscrupulous traders always charge more than two or three fold than the wholesale price.

Therefore, traders call for the setting up of a formal mechanism to distribute vegetables to eradicate the unscrupulous activities of the middlemen and the wholesalers.

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