Two arrested with 747 kgs of Kothala Himbutu | Daily News

Two arrested with 747 kgs of Kothala Himbutu

Two suspects transporting 747 kilos of Kothala Himbutu in a tractor without a licence were arrested during a raid carried out by the STF at Vavuniya in the Kattamurichchan area in the Moragoda Police Division on Tuesday.

The arrested suspects are 34-year-old residents of the Kattamurichchana and Meewellawa areas. The suspects have been handed over to the Moragoda Police Station for further investigations.

Salacia reticulata (Kothala Himbutu) is an indigenous plant to Sri Lanka that contains high specific medicinal value in healing diabetes, hepatitis, digestion, etc. This plant has around 150 patents and pending patent applications. Japan is the one of the foremost producer of drugs using this plant. Due to the growing demand for this in international trade, many attempts are being made to smuggle it. Salacia reticulatais considered as a forest produce and protected under Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.


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