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Broad support for Sri Lanka

13 out of 19 countries make supportive statements
China, Russia lead pro-Sri Lanka sentiment
Praise for Lanka’s HR efforts

Thirteen out of 19 countries and groups, which addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) on Tuesday, spoke in support of Sri Lanka.

Those countries include Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, Pakistan, Eritrea, Egypt, Korea, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Laos, Iran, Japan and Azerbaijan.

Issues were raised by the United Kingdom (on behalf of the Sri Lanka ‘Core Group’), Slovenia (on behalf of the European Union), Norway, and the Czech Republic.

China in its national statement said that it is against the interference in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs under the guise of human rights.

It also commended the Sri Lankan Government for actively promoting and protecting human rights, promoting national reconciliation, and combating terrorism.

Addressing the Council, the Japanese representative said, “With respect to Sri Lanka, while there is room for improvement in the areas of national reconciliation and human rights, we understand that the Government is taking various measures including an investigation by a Commission of Inquiry and payment of compensation. It is important that Sri Lanka continue to take voluntary actions and the international community supports Sri Lanka in this effort”.

The representative of Korea said that they acknowledge the ongoing efforts by the Sri Lankan Government to enhance its human rights situation and to ensure accountability. “We hope that Sri Lanka, in close cooperation with the UN human rights mechanisms, continues to work toward building national reconciliation and pursuing transitional justice,”  the national statement by Korea read.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Khalil Hashmi said, “The Council must not forget the sufferings of Sri Lankan people in their struggle against foreign-sponsored terrorism. Sri Lanka’s democratic credentials and socio-economic achievements are commendable. We call for genuine dialogue and cooperation with Sri Lanka, including through technical cooperation”.

Russia in its statement said it “notes the commitment of the authorities of Sri Lanka to resolve the human rights problems and to build up a cooperation with the Human Rights Council, we take a positive view of its policy to allow for the representation of all segments of the population and ethnic and confessional groups. Its problems however must be resolved inside without external influence in particular as regards the investigation of violations and the holding of perpetrators to account”.

India refrained from mentioning anything specific on Sri Lanka in its statement but said, “India’s approach to global promotion and protection of human rights is based on our own experience as a pluralistic and inclusive society and vibrant democracy. We believe that promotion and protection of human rights are best pursued through dialogue, consultation and cooperation among States, and through provision of technical assistance and capacity building. Any shortcomings in upholding human rights must be addressed in a transparent and impartial manner, anchored in respect for national sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs of States”.


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