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Man undergoes successful spinal cord surgery in Kandy

A team led by orthopedic surgeon Dr.Sunanda Udagedara has successfully operated on a 60-year-old COVID-19 infected man who had fallen from a tree and suffered severe damage to his spinal cord, at the Kandy National Hospital.

The operation, which lasted about three hours, involved a team of six, including two specialist doctors.

A 60-year-old man had been admitted to the Kegalle Hospital after he fell while trying to pluck jackfruit with the help of a ladder.

Surgeon Sunanda Udagedara said that when the man was transferred to the Kandy National Hospital, his legs were becoming paralyzed and it was necessary to perform surgery.

Dr.Udagedara said that since there is a risk of COVID-19 these days, every patient is subject to an antigen test before surgery. He said two tests confirmed that the patient is infected with COVID.

He said it was not uncommon for spinal cord surgery to be performed on a normal patient, but it would be an “extraordinary” feat for the patient to be anaesthetised and operated on when the level of oxygen in his body had dropped to about 80% due to the viral infection.

He also stressed that this type of surgery is not usually done when the oxygen level in the body is low at such a level.

Dr.Udagedara said that the man who underwent surgery on June 7 is receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit and his condition is now returning to normal.


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