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More plastic and polythene products to be banned

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera instructed the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) to expedite the ban on polythene and plastic products in the second list.
The Ministry of Environment has taken steps to ban five types of environmentally harmful products with effect from March 31.  
The Minister pointed out that before the use of plastic, cane and Idi leaves were widely used in our country but due to the use of plastic, the local industry became extinct.
The officials of the Central Environmental Authority informed the Minister that steps have been taken to introduce eco-friendly alternatives for all these products.
For example, the replacement of plastic string hopper trays used for making string hoppers can provide new opportunities for the cane and Idi Leaf (Phoenix pusilla) processing industry.  
A second list of to be banned polythene and plastic products is also being prepared. Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera instructed the Central Environmental Authority to take immediate action to ban polythene and plastic products from the second list.The vast majority of the items on this list can be replaced with eco-friendly materials.
The Minister stated that the country has to face a huge environmental damage due to the production of polythene and plastic packaging.
Polythene and plastic related products to be included in the second list are as follows.
01. Shirt Clip in Shirt Packs,
02. Single use Plastic Spoons, Forks, Knives, Food Boxes, Yogurt/Ice Cream Spoons, Food Packs and Cups.
03. Polythene and Plastic Posters, Advertisements, cutouts and various types of advertisements.
04. Prohibition of single-use disposable drinking straws and Stirrers,
05. Small shopping bags made of polythene and plastic up to 400-500 mm and Grocery bags.
06. Manufactured from PET and PVC Small bottles less than 400 mm
07. Prohibit the use of plastic sticks for incense and Pahan Thira packaging,
08. Ban on Food Wrappers used to prevent crushing of fruits and vegetables.

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