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Provide farmers with adequate fertilizer - SJB

The people of our country are in a very helpless situation with many tragic incidents happening in the country, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Kurunegala District MP J.C.Alawatuwala said.

“The floods have resulted in lives being lost and people losing houses.

The environment is being destroyed by the effects of nature. Due to pollution in the high seas, people living off the fishing industry have been greatly affected,” he said.

Speaking at a media briefing held in Kurunegala recently, he said the farming community today, are in a hopeless situation with not enough fertilizer for their crops. “It was said that fertilizer would be given free to farmers. People are being deceived into believing that the government will provide organic fertilizer to cover all this. It tells fairy tales because the government can’t really give fertilizer. It is in such an environment that a shortage of fertilizer has been created in the country. With the current situation, the yield is declining due to the lack of fertilizer. Farmers believe that the harvest will be reduced by about 50 percent in the future.

“When the yield decreases, the farmer suffers a loss. When the farmer loses the expected income, the farmer incurs a loss and what happens to the consumer. The government that came to build a productive economy in this country is losing not only the paddy cultivation but also the existing economy. Paddy cultivation as well as vegetable cultivation, the production of all crops such as small and large scale tea industry, coconut and rubber industry has been reduced by about half.

The fertilizer issue has escalated to such an extent that the Ministry Secretary resigned two or three days ago.What is the message ? The weakness of the government, that failure, that the government is making the wrong decisions. Therefore, we tell the government that in the current situation, the farming community, which helps in the food production of the people of the country, has been suffered due to the reduction in the yield of all agricultural activities including paddy cultivation and vegetables.

“The government should provide fertilizer to farmers immediately. We tell the government it is already too late. If the right decision is not made as soon as possible, great destruction will ensue, if this mistake is not rectified.