Good Governance Government should be blamed for Central Expressway flooding - State Minister Lanza | Daily News

Good Governance Government should be blamed for Central Expressway flooding - State Minister Lanza

Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lanza said that the allegation that some areas were flooded along the Central Expressway should be directed at those who obstructed the development projects and the Good Governance Government that changed the plans of the Central Expressway.

State Minister Nimal Lanza was participating in the inauguration of road development projects under the Prosperity Path Revolution Programme yesterday.

“The expressway has not been submerged anywhere. But when some work started, various obstacles were put in place to prevent it from being done. If the issue of the Crudiya Zaylanica tree in Gampaha had not been raised, by now the canals in that area could have been dug. Therefore, those who obstructed it should be blamed for the floods. The expressway had to go through towers. The Good Governance Government changed the plans. Therefore, we had to rectify some issues,” the State Minister said.

Most of the development projects under the Mahinda Chinthana Vision for the future programme in 2015 did not take place during the Good Governance Government. Five years later, we resumed those projects. The people said that the country became barren during the Good Governance Government. When we saw highways in foreign countries, we wondered when highways would be built in Sri Lanka. After the end of the war, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa took steps to establish an advanced expressway system in Sri Lanka. Not only that, he also took steps to carpet and concrete rural roads. The previous Government stopped those. The President has given a target to develop 100,000 km of roads in five years,” the State Minister said.

“When we were trying to import Sinopharm vaccine from China, the Opposition made a big effort in Parliament to stop it. But even the United States has recognised this vaccine as the number one in the world. If the Opposition had not intervened, we could have vaccinated more than six million people by now. We have overcome all these obstacles and are carrying out vaccination. In the next two months, more than 70 per cent of those eligible will be vaccinated,” the State Minister said.