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SLAF Cessna in emergency landing

An Air Force training aircraft (Cessna 150) made an emergency landing at Irakkandy in Trincomalee yesterday.

The plane which is used for pilot training by the Sri Lanka Air Force had made the emergency landing after experiencing engine trouble.

Sri Lanka Air Force Spokesman Group Captain Dushan Wijesinghe issuing a statement said that the plane made an emergency landing north of the Nilaveli beach in Trincomalee. However, no casualties were reported as a result of the incident and the two pilots have been rescued.

The training aircraft had taken off from China Bay around 10.22 am yesterday and had made the emergency landing around 10.48 am after experiencing technical difficulties. The Sri Lanka Air Force said that the pilots of the plane managed to avert a disaster due to their skill.

An investigation over the incident has been launched on the directive of the Air Force Commander Air Marshal Sudharshana Pathirana.