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Gautham marks a milestone in his music career

Dilan Gauthamadasa, known in the music field as ‘’Gautham ‘’, is an aspiring young lyrist and poet representing the modern generation. He entered the music industry in 2014, and has been continuing successfully ever since.

He has established another mark in his song writing career, penning down his 50th song ‘Aley Kathawak’. The song is mainly based on a love story, and it has been created in a different manner by adding different and melodic ringtones. It has been getting a good response from the audiences up to now.

The vocals are performed by upcoming vocalist Sasanka Perera, and the music direction is done by Gayan Randy Perera . The Visual production will be released soon.

Dilan has also composed many other songs for both new and senior artistes. He has created his own style as a lyricist, which makes it more unique. He can be considered as an all-rounder, and most of his songs are based on these three subjects: love, separation and society. He wishes to thank each and every one who helped him to continue his musical journey, while wanting to convey the message to his fans, that more new creations are due to be released soon, thus to look forward to another epic musical surprise. SP