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Out of this world!

This bizarre looking perennial plant is native to South America. The happy alien plant is also known as ‘Darwin’s slipping flower’.

This strange plant was discovered by Charles Darwin in between 1831-1836. The flower look like happy faced alien with empty white tray in its hands. The happy alien plants are also found in rocky alpine terrains of the Southern regions of South America. So for an observer it looks like a totally strange flowering plant in an alien planet.

The happy alien plant bloom in summer season. The unusual flower has a height of 2 inches and a punch like shape. The happy alien flowers display a combination of orange and yellow. The throat of the flowers is in deep red and also has a white band inside the tray like part of the flower.

The unusual shape of this flower also attracts small birds like hummingbirds and they like to eat the white and lip like part of the flower. The pollen from upper part of the flower also settles on the body of birds during their meal. It helps happy alien plants in pollination.

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