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Cookies inspired by cartoon characters

Jared is a game artist by day, baker by night, and he creates the most beautiful and inspiring cookies we’ve seen lately.

His colourful cookies are mini versions of cartoon characters that will bring back all those beautiful childhood memories once you see them.

Jared took up this hobby three years ago as a way to relax in his free time, and in this short period of time he became a skilled artist.

“I began teaching myself to decorate sugar cookies in 2016 as a creative outlet when I was feeling a lack of passion for my day job. Since then, I’ve had the most fun decorating cookies of whimsical characters — some well-known and others I’ve created myself,” Jared said.

“Decorating helps me relive my youth and reminds me of my Saturday mornings watching cartoons,” the creative artist explained the passion behind his creative hobby.

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