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Cardinal laments slow action against officers named as responsible by Easter Attack Commission

Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said the Government so far has not taken any concrete steps to bring to book the perpetrators responsible for the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

Addressing a media briefing on Wednesday regarding the progress made so far in terms of the Easter Sunday attacks, he noted that the Presidential Commission had made certain recommendations, but despite that those responsible are still holding key positions.

“They are still holding positions and enjoying the perks and living like saints as if nothing has happened. They are even holding high positions.

The IGP should have taken disciplinary action against some of the officers who are mentioned there. But nothing has happened and they are holding their positions as well. So there is one law for some people and another law for the others. They go and arrest people who are not following COVID restrictions, but they can’t still arrest these people,” he said.

The Cardinal urged the government to carry out a proper investigation to determine as to who was behind the conspiracy which the former Attorney General had referred to. “If the former AG said that there was some conspiracy then it should be investigated. Cardinal Ranjith told a press conference that investigations should be carried out to determine who is behind the conspiracy.

“The investigations do not seem to be moving in this direction and we are not satisfied with it,” he said.

“Action has not been taken against those who have been held responsible for the attack by the Presidential Commission including some police officers. We are compelled to seek assistance from the UN and others in the Catholic Church at the international level,” he said.

He said the Presidential Committee was appointed to show the way in which the investigations should be carried out. However, despite clear instructions being shown, action is being taken only against some persons. The government is only engaged in media circuses. He also voiced concern as to the direction the country is being steered. He said that there are separate laws for those in power and separate laws for the public.

He said that all hope they had regarding rulers who had promised to take this country in the right direction has been dashed and it is painful to watch the country heading towards ruin. The Archbishop noted that selling off the country’s assets may perhaps be the easier way out, but that is not the right thing to do. “We have self respect as a country and it is the responsibility of all politicians to protect that. Hence, we should not be eager to sell off our country’s assets to any country. The politicians who opposed the MCC agreement back then are now engaged in doing the same thing.”

Referring to the sinking X-Press Pearl ship he urged the authorities to take steps to either take the ship into the open seas or to take steps to remove the oil from the ship to avert a major environmental disaster. He said that the fishing communities are badly affected by this incident and urged the government to take decisions from the people’s side and not in favour of the affluent.