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Stringent checks on vehicles entering Colombo

Over 2,100 vehicles had no valid reason

Out of 67,515 vehicles which had entered Colombo from 6.30 am to 9.30 am in a three hour period last Wednesday, owners of 2,101 vehicles (3.1 percent) had no valid reason to enter the city, the Police said.

Some of the occupants of these vehicles were warned and those who had violated the quarantine rules in a severe manner were arrested, the Police media spokesman said.

A census conducted by the police revealed that 67,515 vehicles had entered Colombo on Wednesday (02) from 6.30 am to 9.30 am in a three hour period.

Out of this 8,635 vehicles had belonged to the health sector, 6,158 vehicles to the police and the three armed forces, 5644 vehicles to catering services, 9,389 vehicles to the communications and energy sectors, 3725 vehicles used for humanitarian purposes including funerals, 2,744 vehicles related to import and export process, 1948 vehicles transporting cooked food, 9439 vehicles carrying essential services workers and 195 vehicles carrying people either going abroad or returning to Sri Lanka.

The Police have voiced concern regarding the large number of vehicles entering Colombo since last Monday with the travel restrictions in force. Heavy traffic was observed during the above period as Police have set up several check points at strategic locations to inspect the vehicles entering Colombo.