No restrictions on mobility during New Year | Daily News
Govt. requests public: “Commit to COVID-19 preventive measures”

No restrictions on mobility during New Year

Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID-19 Disease Control State Minister Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle yesterday requested the public to adhere to all known preventive measures to reduce the spread of COVID- 19 in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season.

Dr.Fernandopulle said that the spread of the virus, which has been reduced as present, could increase without the public’s sustained support for pandemic control.

She said this yesterday when asked by the Daily News if the Government encouraged shopping and gatherings by the public in the New Year.

“The Government has no intention of implementing any restrictions on mobility in this national festive season,” she said. “Nevertheless, we do not encourage increased social mobility levels which could unleash a new wave of infection. “

“We urge the public to take relevant measures to control the spread of COVID-19, which includes the vaccination process. We request them to avoid crowded and enclosed spaces, to keep the one-meter physical distance, wear a mask, and wash hands with soap frequently, among other things, “ she said.

“We want the people’s continuous support to prevent the virus spread,” she said. Asked about the Government’s progress in terms of COVIOD-19 vaccination, Dr. Fernandopulle said that the Government had so far given vaccines to over 900,000 people.”In addition to the frontline health workers and Security Forces/police personnel, most of them are elderly persons from Grama Niladhari Divisions in the Gampaha and Colombo districts, where we found the majority of Coronavirus patients.”

“We plan to provide vaccines to 60 percent of the people in the country. The problem we face now is that the Covid-19 vaccines are short in supply, although we are ready to purchase them,” she said.

Asked whether one can expect COVID-19 vaccines to be available for purchase in private hospitals and pharmacies soon, she said, “the Government is handling all activities related to COVID-19 prevention, and there is no way that one can obtain COVID-19 vaccines from private hospitals and pharmacies yet”.

Asked if the government had any problems concerning adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots it had given so far to the public, she said there had not been any significant issues in this respect.

The Ministry of Health has set up a Special Medical Unit to deal with such instances immediately upon receipt of information, she added.