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False claims by web journalist: Rajitha, son under CCD probe

Former Minister Rajitha Senaratne and his son Chatura Senaratne will be questioned by the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) regarding their connection with the false claims made by a web journalist about being abducted and tortured.

The web journalist Sujeewa Gamage in his statement to the Police had admitted that he had falsely made these claims.

Addressing a media briefing at the Police Headquarters yesterday, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said that it was reported that on March 10th a 62-year-old web journalist for Siyarata, Sujeewa Gamage had been abducted.

 It was claimed that he had been abducted by an unknown group from the Meerigama area around 7.00 am. He is a resident of Udawelawatte, Dambadeniya and is said to travel to Borella to his news office by train from the Meerigama station.

On March 10th he claimed that a group of four persons had abducted him and said that having been abducted around 7.00 am and had been detained at some unknown location for around 45 minutes and had been tortured and questioned regarding a chip containing information.

The DIG revealed that thereafter, the journalist claims that he had been brought to a location in Maligawatte and released around 1.30 pm. He claimed that he had been burnt using some chemical during questioning. He claimed that both his hands had been burnt demanding some chip containing information from him.

“The Meerigama Police had conducted an investigation into this matter and the Colombo Crimes Division had also initiated a complete investigation into these allegations. The CCD during their investigations had gathered CCTV footage from the areas that the journalist had claimed to have been abducted and upon investigating these claims have come to the conclusion that the allegations levelled by the journalist are false.”

The DIG also noted that the claims made by the journalist that his hands were burnt and his abductors had demanded a chip from him is a total lie. “Information has been gathered to establish that the burns on his hands have been inflicted by the journalist himself at his home in Udawelawatte, Dambadeniya the previous night using a mason spoon. The CCD officers had found the mason spoon used by the journalist to inflict these burn injuries on himself,” he added.

The journalist had received treatment at the National Hospital in Colombo over a period of six days.

The Police Spokesman added that the claim made by the journalist that he was released by his abductors in the Maligawatte area between 1.30 and 2.00 pm on March 10 is also a lie. “The police had obtained CCTV footage showing the journalist arriving at the Dematagoda Station. He said that investigations have also revealed that thereafter the journalist had gone to an office run by Chatura Senaratne, the son of MP Rajitha Senaratne in Thimbirigasyaya. There he had spent over 3 hours. Information has also been obtained by the police that during his time there, the journalist had also met MP Rajitha Senaratne. Thereafter, he had been admitted to the National Hospital.”

The journalist claiming to have been abducted, tortured and abandoned in Maligawatte has been arrested for making false claims to bring disrepute to the government and he has produced before the courts yesterday.

The Police Spokesman said that the journalist had gone directly from the Dematagoda station to Chatura Senaratne’s office and therefore, the CCD is scheduled to record statements from both Rajitha Senaratne and his son Chatura Senaratne. Investigations are also continuing to determine why this journalist had resorted to making such false claims of being abducted and what connection MP Rajitha Senaratne and his son Chatura Senaratne has with this incident.

The Police Spokesman said that at a time when the UNHRC sessions are ongoing it is being investigated as to why this journalist had made such false allegations.