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Sameera Auto Traders to offer more services

Sameera Auto Traders Pagoda Road Nugegoda is to introduce a service station and extend their foot print regionally as well.

Chairman, Sameera Auto Traders Sameera Weerawarna said that they commenced their business three years ago and have sold over 2,000 used well maintained and high quality vehicles. “With the import aggressively to reach the 8,000 sales mark by end next year.”

“In a bid to provide more services under the umbrella of Sameera Auto Traders is to offer better care for vehicles and would soon introduce ‘Sameera Auto Service Station’ in Nugegoda this year. Plans are also underway to open our second branch in Kohuwela in 2021.”

He said that though they are a ‘buying and selling’ company they operate with novel concepts which has created a large reporter client base. “When a car owner contracts us on either facebook ( or by phone we dispatch our technical team to the caller’s residence to get a firsthand technical report on the vehicle.

“Our experienced team would inspect RMV papers and their authenticity and then inspect the vehicle for collisions, gearbox repairs, other defects and most importantly actual mileage and send us a technical report. Depending on this we would pay ‘spot cash’ and purchase the vehicle within 24 hours. If the owner wants they can do a ‘vehicle swap’ selecting from our current fleet of over 40 vehicles which are always available at our showroom. This is something unique in the car sale market.”

He said once they purchase a vehicle they will install new tyres, battery, polishing and undertake all other minor repairs, prepare the vehicle technical record sheet and complete all paperwork before reselling it. “We also arrange one day leasing and have a 24 hour hotline to provide technical assistance if needed.”

“With their tag line ‘Buy with Confidence’ Sameera Auto Traders not only offer the ‘best maintained car’ at the ‘best price’ in the market but also offer a host of other services all under one roof.”

Sameera Auto Traders only market cars bearing English numbers as they want to attract a ‘one class’ of buyers and they do not engage in the sale of Vans as well.

Commenting on the Automobile market he said that it was increasing around 3 to 4% annually but with the import ban it shot up to around 30%. He said the best way to bring this down is to encourage more local manufacturing giving entrepreneurs a strong guarantee that imports would be restricted for a stipulated time.

He said due to the superior finish and high performance and availability of spares Japanese cars are the number one ‘seller.’