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Despite Covid-19 pandemic

Cinnamon exports notches highest turnover in 2020

Despite the pall of gloom which engulfed the world, last year, the only silver cloud which surrounded Lanka was the highest ever recorded level of cinnamon exports, which stood at US 38.2 Billion for 2020 for 18, 722 tonnes.

Cinnamon exports have performed extremely well in 2020 even with the Covid 19 lockdown. If not for Covid disturbance to production, transport, delays in shipments due non availability of containers and the shortage of high priced higher grades due to producers manufacturing easier grades, the value could have been very much more. Credit should go to all actors in the entire cinnamon value chain who overcame all the difficulties created by Covid lockdown. This is and excellent performance by any means, Chairman Cinnamon Training Academy Sarada de Silva, told the Daily News Business.

More than 62% of the value of Spice exports comes from Cinnamon. All most all of it comes in net foreign exchange, he said.

The Ministries of and Plantations and Agriculture are developing plans along with Department Export Agriculture to further increase the production acreage and exports. Cinnamon Industry’s crying need is for separate apex institution to undertake all activities with public & private sector participation. Though there are many boards for products of very much smaller value i.e. Palmyra. We request the Minster to act on the cinnamon Iand”, he said.

The recent efforts by SLSI and one interested party to change the current SL 81 and trying to bring in parameters that is not even in the International Standards Organisation 6539 standard for cinnamon has been totally objected and resisted by the cinnamon industry. Almost all have protested against this move during the public comments period. Industry does not want any changes to the current SLS 81. If this is forced on the Cinnamon industry it will have to as a last resort seek legal remedies.

The acute shortage of qualified cinnamon processors hampered the production by the inability to bring the full production potential to reality. Cinnamon can be harvested twice year and about 50-60% are harvests only once year due to acute shortage of Cinnamon processors. Cinnamon Training Academy in Kosgoda which is the only Territorial Vocational Educational Co approved Public Private partnership undertaking is geared fulfil the training needs with NVQ level 3 &4 trainings for the from seed/nursery to exports.

CTA now has a model Cinnamon bought tree factory with assistance of European Union and UNIDO. This will help induce the industry to setup bought tree factories and also assist small holders in Kosgoda, Karandeniya, Balapitiya, AmbalangodaBatapola and Baddegama to process their crop at this factory.