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Assault on law student :

Four Police officers interdicted

IGP instructed to conduct special investigation:

All the Police officers involved in the assault of law student Migara Gunaratne have been interdicted and the Public Security Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara had instructed IGP C.D. Wickramaratne to conduct a special investigation regarding the incident.

“A youth had been assaulted at the Peliyagoda Police Station premises. Hence, as Public Security Minister, I instructed the IGP to immediately interdict the Police officers involved in this incident and conduct an investigation.

An assault of this nature having taken place inside a police station cannot be condoned at any cost.

Therefore, we have taken steps to interdict those involved immediately and conduct the investigation to determine what had taken place,” said Minister Weerasekara.

Among those interdicted are an Inspector and three Constables.

The victimized student was identified as the son of former Central Province Governor, President’s Counsel Maître Gunaratne and the brother of Attorney-at-Law Charitha Gunaratne.

According to reports, nearly 10 Police officers had assaulted him when he arrived at Peliyagoda Police to visit a suspect detained at the station.

Meanwhile, the Peliyagoda HQI issuing a statement regarding the incident stated that on February 23rd the OIC of the Kelaniya Division Crime Investigation Bureau Lynton Silva, based on the directives of the Kelaniya Division SSP, had arrested four Nigerian nationals, two female Belarus nationals, a Sri Lankan male and female and they were detained at the Peliyagoda Police Station on detention orders. They were arrested for a fraud of Rs. 1,745,500, possession of 25 g and 125mg of heroin, engaging in illegal activities and aiding illegal activities and possession of 25 bundles of 100 notes each of paper used to print fake dollar bills and engaging in the commercial sex trade.

On the day of the incident Migara Gunaratne had visited the Peliyagoda Police Station to meet the Sri Lankan female who was in detention around 08.35 p.m. and following the said incident he had sustained injuries.

Accordingly, the IGP had appointed two teams to investigate the incident. One team is headed by the Police Special Investigations Director SSP-D.S. Wickramasinghe while the other team is headed by the Kelaniya Division SSP Sumith Gunaratne.

“A full investigation has been launched regarding the incident,” the Police Media Division stated.