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‘Seylan Harasara’ revamps, offer range benefits for senior citizens

Seylan Bank, is ready to relaunch ‘Seylan Harasara’, a financial product that offers a host of exclusive benefits and specialised fiancial solutions for senior citizens and pensioners.

Understanding the importance of financial freedom and stability for senior citizens and the important role they play in society, Seylan Bank relaunched Harasara with a multitude of value-added benefits and services. Seylan Harasara is more than just a savings account, it’s a value proposition designed to offer financial freedom as one enters the age of retirement.

Medical expenses are significantly higher and can be a burden to many senior citizens, through Seylan Harasara senior citizens are eligible to reimburse costs for general surgeries up to Rs. 200,000, reimburse costs incurred for lenses and accessories for cataract operations and receive free annual medical rewards. Customers who make payments through their Seylan Harasara Debit card will also receive exclusive discounts up to 20% at selected hospitals and laboratories, up to 25% at opticians, up to 15% at book stores and up to 10% at online pharmacies. Harasara account holders are also eligible to receive attractive discounts at selected merchant outlets Island wide.

Apart from the above pensioners can apply for a pensioner loan of up to Rs. 5 million with special interest rates. A grant for utility bill payment reimbursements up to Rs. 5,000 will be awarded for customers who assign and remit their pension to Seylan Bank. Harasara account holders will also receive a special reward from Seylan when they celebrate their 60th birthday.

“Seylan Bank as the bank with a heart considers senior citizens a significant part of society, who have played a vital role in moulding future generations. In an attempt to show our gratitude for all their hard work and efforts, team Seylan formed a financial proposition that will enable each senior citizen to enjoy the leisure years of life to the fullest with ease of mind and financial freedom. Seylan Harasara stands out amongst a multitude of senior savings accounts through its offerings and value-added services,” said Seylan Bank Head of Liability Product Management Dimuth Sigera, as he shared his thoughts on the product relaunch.