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Locked Down

Dated pandemic heist thriller

Romancing during the Covid-19 pandemic period has been the storyline for some film directors around the world for their movies lately. However, director Doug Liman of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ fame, with his newest film ‘Locked Down’, has bequeathed a different dimension to his movie though the storyline revolves around a similar topic.

People all over the world who were in a rat race realized the true value of love and relationships, forgiving and caring and offering warmth and respect after Covid-19 struck their lives. The film depicts many attributes associated with this scenario.

Paxton and Linda, a couple living together in London, are on the verge of ending their relationship after many years. Yet the sudden and mandatory lockdown imposed due to the pandemic make them stay together in the same house unwillingly.

Paxton, feeling like the lone hedgehog in their home garden, drifts apart without a purpose while Linda tries to keep herself busy by talking to her company’s subordinates via streaming as the CEO. She is reluctantly compelled to terminate employment of some associates to cut costs and talks of emerging markets though her hidden agony is depicted by heavy smoking.

Paxton, not having a sound employment history and now a van driver is a man full of emotion. He not only reads poetry but also goes outdoors to entertain his inmates in the locked down locality at night by reciting poems. The majority of inmates love this man of caring but are not into his partner.

Though the movie is modestly budgeted and a major portion of it is shot indoors, it surprisingly depicts some sentiments commonly associated with people in the Covid-19 era.

The movie starts with a loitering hedgehog and a live streaming chat which Paxton has with his half-brother and his wife explaining the mishap with his partner. Some viewers may get fed up by this visual at the inception but the advice is to hold onto it and they would gradually start liking the movie. (Take no notice of what has happened between Linda and Paxton’s sister-in-law once).

Anne Hathaway as Linda has adapted a theatrical acting genre to portray her character. The long lines delivered by her at times reminds of Shakespeare and are astonishing to watch and is a treat for the eyes of a budding actor. Hathaway is no Cat Woman but just Linda in the movie.

‘Locked Down’ depicts frustration in the minds of people in this pandemic struck era. The director, by letting the viewers have a glimpse of the 2020 calendar hung on a wall from time to time, draws focus on the Covid-19 period and keeps the storyline intact.

Ben Kingsley brings colour to the movie with his brief performance and the music scores by John Powell really keeps the movie on an unwavering pedestal.In the latter part of the movie Linda and Paxton letting go of all their differences after an invitingly encounter, team up to steal a precious diamond.

This part is sheer entertainment for the viewers and Doug Liman has made sure to bring the story to a ‘All’s well that ends well’ type of an ending. However, ‘Locked Down’ is not the movie for lovers of tightly edited, high budgeted and action packed movies.