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PM meets Maha Sangha to discuss UNHRC resolution

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa meeting the Maha Sangha yesterday. Picture by PM Media.
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa meeting the Maha Sangha yesterday. Picture by PM Media.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa called on the Maha Sangha to discuss on the resolution to be presented against Sri Lanka at the next United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions in Geneva in March.

The purpose of this meeting held with the participation of Maha Sangha and several ministers at the Temple Trees on Tuesday evening was to seek the advice of Maha Sangha on the steps that should be taken by Sri Lanka against this resolution, the Prime Minister’s Media Division said. Ven.Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera stated that Sri Lanka must protect the freedom which was achieved through a humanitarian operation while taking into consideration the foreign policy followed by PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the late Lakshman Kadirgamar.

Ven. Kirinde Assaji Thera also commenting on the matter said this problematic situation is mainly based on two issues, the Islamic Extremism and the issue of the East Container Terminal of the Colombo Port. “Therefore, Sri Lanka needs to ask for more time from the UNHRC in connection with this resolution,” he stressed.

Ven. Dr. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thera said Sri Lanka should refrain from submitting any counter-proposal to the UNHRC at this juncture. Instead, he said we should limit it to a statement. “It is a crime to say that bringing an end to the war through a humanitarian operation is a crime,” he said.

“Sri Lanka has the opportunity to work towards an effective response from the UNHRC with the support of the Mahasangha in the other Buddhist countries too,he said. Ven. Abhayatissa also expressed his appreciation to the Prime Minister for calling a meeting with the Mahasangha at such a decisive moment.

Foreign Relations Minister Dinesh Gunawardena was of the view that the High Commissioner’s Resolution against Sri Lanka is aimed at defaming the country which is in the top list of the countries that controlled the global pandemic successfully. This resolution includes 16 areas and causes a serious damage to the country’s sovereignty, he pointed out.

Minister Wimal Weerawansa pointed that there is a possibility of imposing economic sanctions on Sri Lanka, inter-state travel bans and also losing the support of the foreign countries due to this resolution.Therefore it is essential to increase the number of countries supporting Sri Lanka against this resolution at the UNHRC Session.

Weerawansa also pointed out that the foreign policies of some countries are not subject to any changes as beneficial to us.