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Saninro Residences Ragama to invest Rs. 150 million

For Food Court, Swimming Pool

Saninro Residences and Food Court in Ragama, is set to experience a major facelift, unveiling a Food Court and a new swimming pool open to the public, with an investment of around Rs. 150 million. These two additions would be first to the area.

Saninro Residences was launched five years ago by Saninro Managing Director Mahendra Jayasekara who also hails from Ragama. Recognizing the potential that the town of Ragama has, as an up and coming commercial area and a health hub. Jayasekara focused on expanding the property to a level where it would cater not only to local visitors and professionals such as medical doctors and consultants from neighbouring hospitals, but also serve as a transit hub for foreign tourists who used to bypass Ragama via the train service when travelling to and from the airport.

Though pandemic affected business enterprises and the tourism, Saninro Residences ensured their staff retention was achieved and that all necessary health precautions were followed throughout.

 “With the great potential that we are witnessing from the town of Ragama, we felt that it was high time to popularize this area and promote Saninro as a family-oriented hotel that offers value for the people.”

“Once the expansions of the food court and the swimming pool commences, we will also be focusing on upgrading the property’s star status with the Tourist Board.”Saninro Residences, Resident Manager Amila Perera said that their main market is from Banquets and dining and the roof top restaurant is a bid to attract customers in the area. “We have two banquets halls that could cater to around 200 guests under new normal health regulations and also a separate hall mainly used for corporate events, conferences and private parties. Saninro Residences also has the best gym after five star hotels in Sri Lanka and this adds value to the hotel.”

He said their rooms are equipped with A/C hot and Cold water, TV and many other facilities and are occupied by families who wish to stay out of Colombo. “We also offer special rates for long staying guests.”