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Sports Journalists barred from Test series coverage

The cricket loving public in the country will be deprived of much valuable coverage, especially close of play interviews by the captains, coaches and other tidbits, as the sports journalists, especially those assigned to cover cricket, have not been granted permission to cover the upcoming Test Series between Sri Lanka and England beginning today.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has steadfastly denied permission for the media to cover the series in Galle citing Health Ministry regulations.

After making several requests, including written requests, all their efforts have been of no avail.

The document was passed from hand to hand citing various reasons, and ultimately ended up with the Health Authorities.

When the Head and Deputy Head of State encourage to open the country for tourism -which saw several groups travelling into the country - cinemas and day-to-day public life, the media organisations are in a quandary as to why they were denied access to cover this event, which would have enabled to carry the message to the world that Sri Lanka is a safe country to travel, which would ultimately boost the country’s economy.

The senior journalists are reluctant to cover the matches by watching television as it is unethical.

We would like to note that only in Sri Lanka the media is denied access citing health reasons, but the ongoing Test Series in Australia between Australia and India, in New Zealand between Pakistan and New Zealand and the just concluded South Africa and Sri Lanka series, were granted permission without any hindrance.

These countries have adverse COVID-19 pandemic conditions, but accommodated media to cover the series under health guidelines.

We strongly believe the relevant Authority will reconsider this request with the Government’s decision to reopen the airport for tourism, and our former sportsman and sports loving Minister Namal Rajapaksa will intervene and obtain the necessary approval from the Health Minister for the media to cover the Test series. (AN)