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Kandy District road development to be expedited

State Minister for Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure Nimal Lanza said that the proposed road development activities, road widening and construction of tunnels will be expedited to reduce traffic congestion in Kandy.

The State Minister was speaking at a meeting of the Rural Infrastructure Development Committee in the Kandy District on Tuesday at the District Secretariat regarding the scope of the Ministry.

“Arrangements have been made to implement rural road development activities, urban access roads, access roads connecting the Central Expressway and other road development projects in the Kandy District,” he said.

He also requested the relevant political authority to submit proposals through the District Development Committee for the construction of vertical car parks to reduce traffic congestion in Kandy.

Steps have been taken to develop 1,526 km of rural roads in the Kandy District in 2021. The estimated cost for this is Rs. 25 billion.

He also said that there are plans to construct 1,000 rural bridges this year. The State Minister further stated that this year’s budget has allocated funds for the relevant highway and bridge programmes to make the ‘Vision of Prosperity’ a reality.