Outdated laws affect people’s everyday life – Minister Prasanna | Daily News

Outdated laws affect people’s everyday life – Minister Prasanna

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga yesterday said the laws and regulations that affect people’s everyday life should be reformed and relevant officials must find the ways and means to reformulate them.

He said that the officials are responsible in amending laws and regulations to address the people’s needs and they cannot refrain from their responsibilities because of politicians or political parties.

The Minister was addressing the Ratnapura District Poverty Eradication and Livelihood Development Committee meeting at the Ratnapura Divisional Secretariat and was responding to the complaints by members of Local Government Bodies in the District about the obstacles that they face from Forest Conservation and Wildlife Officials when natural attractions in forest reserves are developed into tourist destinations. The Ratnapura District boasts seven wildlife conservation areas. Since many of them have no boundaries, preparing maps for them is delayed, which is one of the main problems to carry out development programmes.

The Minister said that certain rules and regulations have caused great inconvenience to the people since many of them are outdated now. Therefore, the Minister urged the relevant officials to appoint a committee to study the outdated laws and regulations and find ways to reformulate them.