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Sri Lanka badminton on the right track

Palitha  Hettiarachchi
Palitha Hettiarachchi

Since July 2020, the National Pool Training Committee of Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) headed by VP Palitha Hettiarachchi has converted the national pools into an efficient workmanlike outfit.

A Badminton veteran, Palitha has an intimate knowledge of the badminton fraternity and its many faceted players. So, under the leadership of SLB President Rohan de Silva, he has slowly but surely got a firm grip on what it takes to bring Sri Lanka’s outstanding talent into the International limelight. A no-nonsense administrator, Palitha calls a spade and is not averse to making unpopular decisions when it matters.

Assisting him closely in this endeavour are the two seasoned top local coaches in Pradeep Welagedara and Shimal Aponso who are the Senior Coaches of the National Pools. These two coaches were carefully selected from seven applicants through a detailed screening process that included written tests and a viva. Palitha works resolutely with them and their Regional and

Assistant Coaches in the development programme. In fact, they have prudently initiated a Nutrition Programme into the Coaching Plan with the assistance of Hela Keto, a local medical nutrition consultancy led by Dr. Subash Mendis.

In addition, they work in tandem with Asoka Jayasundara, a Ministry of Sports(MOS) designated Physical Instructor who takes care of the physical aspect of the SLB contingent. Thus, it was plain to see a coterie of 72 national pool prospects in action at the recently concluded Lanka Shuttle Challenge 2020, which provided what may well be Sri Lanka’s contingents for the future.

Palitha has his sights on the International scene and awaits the appointment of an International Coach shortly, who plans to partner with local coaches on a long-term programme to produce national prospects for international duty. SLB can indeed claim that they are on track for a bright future in 2021 and beyond. With the MOS high-performance unit kicking in and SLB’s own Player Compensation scheme in place, the stage is set and all it takes is the commitment of Sri Lanka’s best Badminton Players.