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Si Lanka National Athletic Championships 2020

Soldiers in full command on day three

Himasha Eshan (184) clocked 10.27sec to win the men’s  100m gold at the National Athletics Championship 2020. Pictures by Jagath Iroshana
Himasha Eshan (184) clocked 10.27sec to win the men’s 100m gold at the National Athletics Championship 2020. Pictures by Jagath Iroshana

Sri Army men and women athletes dominated on the third day too registering victories in nine out of ten events that was completed at the Sugathadasa Stadium yesterday. Though they failed to set up new records on this day they have taken a clear lead in the points table.

The only other athlete to win an event yesterday was A. K. Tharanga of Sri Lanka Air Force who clocked 30:42.15 seconds in the 10,000 meters. He was well ahead of K. Shanmugeshwaran of SL Army who had a time of 31:07.53 secs. The only other Athlete who won an event for Sri Lanka Air Force was W.K.T. Fernando who heaved the women’s putt shot to a distance of 14.10m to outclass Navy’s M.N.D. Muthunayake (12.17m) and Police’s P.A. Priyanka Kumari (11.53m).

The men’s high jump event saw two school boys Sanju Tharaka (2.05m) and Roshen Dulmith (2.00m) come out with their best to be placed as runner- ups behind K.C.L. Mendis of SL Army who went over the bar at (2.10m). With this achievement they went on to prove that they are set for good future in the coming years for Sri Lanka athletics.

Day 3 Results

10,000m Men’s: 1. A.K. Tharanga (SL Air Force) 30:42.15 Minutes, 2. K. Shanmugeshwaran (SL Army) 31:07.53 Minutes, 3. H.D.S.D. Gunesekera (SL Army) 31: 16.67 Minutes

Pole Vault Men’s: 1. H.S.E. Janith (SL Army) 4.70m, 2. D.H.G.S. Jayantha (SL Army) 4.30m, 3. R.P. Murugiah (SL Army) 4.30m

Triple Jump Women’s: B.M.H.P. Balsooriya (SL Army) 13.07m, 2. D.G.Rashmi Nirodha (SL Army) 12.63m, 3. K.A.T. Lakshmi (SL Air Force)12.06m

High Jump Men’s: 1. K.C.L. Mendis (SL Army) 2.10m, 2. Sanju Tharaka (SL Schools) 2.05m, 3. Roshen Dulmith (SL Schools) 2.00m

Shot Putt Women’s: 1. W.K.T. Fernando (SL Air Force) 14.10m, 2. M.N.D. Muthunayake (Sl Navy) 12.17m, 3. P.A. Priyanka Kumari (SL Police) 11.53m

Javelin Throw Women’s: 1. B.L. Nadeeka Lakmali ( SL Army) 53.97m, 2. H.L.D.H. Lekamge (SL Army) 48.99m, 3. H.P.D.H. Maduwanthi (SL Air Force) 45.80m

100m Women’s: 1. D.T. Amasha de Silva (SL Army) 11.55 Secs, 2.R.M. Rumeshika Ratnayake (Kegalle DAA) 11.88 Secs, 3. Fathima Shafia Yamic (SL Army)

100m Men’s: 1. Himasha Eshan (SL Army) 10.27 Secs, 2. B.D.Chanuka Sandeepa (SL Army) 10.49 Secs, 3. M. Vinoj Suranjaya (SL Army) 10.50 Secs

400m Hurdles Women’s: 1. G.A.S. Dulani (SL Army) 1;02.90 Minutes, 2.T.G.N.D. Wickramasinghe (SL Army) 1;03.22 Minutes, 3. A.P.M. Subhani Abeyratne (SL Army) 1:07.00 Minutes

400m Hurdles Men’s: 1. A.L.A.T. Ratnasena (SL Army) 52.09 Secs, 2. J.L. Priyanjith (SL Army) 53.22 Secs, 3. A.L.A.I. Ratnasena (SL Air Force) 53.23 Secs