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God’s Battle Plan for redemption of humanity

The battle was raging – the enemy had overrun families, husband & wife relationships, parent & child bonds were broken; education was in tatters & fleecing the flock at work was all sweat, toil, thorns, dust & blood. Nations were ravaged by imperial designs. The Roman jackboot was all over. Abortion & infanticide littered the ditches of the Capital Rome. Vomitorium was the disgusting symbol of orgies that knew no end. Barbarian hordes were at the gates but Rome caroused.

In Jerusalem powerbrokers knew how to play ball between Herod and Caesar. Herod bought favour, by humouring the ecclesiastical hierarchy, with the magnificent, newly erected Temple of Jerusalem, built with the tax money of the people.

God implemented a battle plan. In 1486 BC it was a baby called Moses launched in the River Nile in a wicker basket, amidst crocodiles. He would become deliverer for Israel, to defy the Pharaoh & liberate the slaves. In the year of our Lord, the battle ship was a feeding trough – manger in a stable of Chinham’s caravansaran, in Bethlehem, by the Syrian Egypt Highway. The Admiralty for the Battleship HMS Royal Manger was Joseph & Mary – Carpenter & Virgin.

Jesus was heaven wrapped gift and God’s battle plan and the royal manger was God’s battle ship. It was the Great mystery of godliness that will overcome the mystery of inequity on the rampage in the nations.

“In Bethlehem a stable
Became a throne of grace
As God himself our Saviour
Drew near to take our place
His mother smiled in wonder
As shepherds stood in awe
The sacrifice of heaven
Lay sleeping in the straw”

He sends each one of us, also heaven wrapped, into our mother’s womb with Godscope, to live for Him and life for ourselves too.

Thank God he took us to heaven’s life back again to reform us, to heaven wrap our injuries as we lived without Him. God will reclothe us in His nature as we turn to be little children once again. “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven”. With this “He came to give us Second Birth”, we are sent back restored & rejuvenated to live God’s Best for us.

Thank God our children came gift wrapped from heaven – what a bounty and legacy. Marriage made in heaven strengthened with an ambassador form heaven – all smiles, the little child, in the mother’s womb. The birth canal process giving the child the needed immunity. Colostrum, mom’s first milk adding immunity much needed in the gut. What amazing wise Design of Divine Omniscience.

Thank God for our spiritual progeny, to be disciple and mantled from heaven. Those whom we touch with the “Life that was the Light of all men” Light that will shine in the darkness of our arrogance that shut God out of science, governance & economics, until 99% of GDP is consumed by 1% of populace. It is the light which darkness cannot suppress.

Any time else, when we go down a mire He picks us up washes us and wraps us again from heaven. We can similarly travail in birth till Christ is formed in whom we minister. We will not let up on our nations, until the Wonderful Counsellor becomes Prince of Peace in every nation – across social, caste, religious, wealth divides.

In this Covid season too, O Lord, keep us cocooned in heaven birthing more of Christ – may our hearts become royal manger, once again.

Lord, every night You heaven wrap us – as you give your beloved sleep. With the Lord’s lamp burning on our head, dew falling on our branches, Your river refreshing our roots. You awaken us in the morning to keep us face to face in prayer closet. What a wonderful refreshing menu from heaven.

He made a way in a manger
A way through the son
Messiah the promised
Before time had begun
For God so loved this world
Though he knew what love would cost
He made a way in a manger
To make a way to the Cross.