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ICC AOKpass to facilitate cross border travel

Chairman ICC, Dinesh Weerakkody
Chairman ICC, Dinesh Weerakkody

ICC AOKpass, a risk mitigation tool developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), is a scalable solution that enables governments and border authorities to reopen cross border travel safely and efficiently.

ICC AOKpass will allow users to present digitally authenticated, secure and portable copies of medical records to government authorities, border agencies and employers, without compromising their personal data. Supported by International SOS and SGS Group, the ICC AOKpass digital application utilises secure blockchain technology to validate and verify the authenticity of digital passes without requiring users to disclose personal medical information.

After a round of successful ICCAOK pass pilots, ICC is working with national governments, multilateral organisations and businesses, to establish a standardised protocol for cross border travel in the COVID-19 era. Dinesh Weerakkody Chairman ICCSL Sri Lanka said arrangements to safely reopen travel and trade in the age of COVID-19 must be a top priority.

Therefore the ICC AOKpass will provide users, airlines, and governments, with an easy-to-use and fully scalable digital solution for reopening trade and travel.

The International Chamber Commerce (ICC) represents over six million member companies and 43 million members globally in over 130 countries. The ICC AOKpass will establish much-needed standards for cross-border travel in the age of COVID-19. ICCs founding mission is to promote widespread peace and prosperity.