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AG indicts Swiss Embassy’s Garnier Francis

Attorney General Dappula De Livera has filed an indictment in the Colombo High Court against Swiss Embassy staffer Garnier Bannister Francis over fabricating evidence over an alleged abduction of herself by CID officers.

Garnier Bannister Francis, a Sri Lankan woman from Maligawatta who works at the Swiss Embassy as a visa officer, has lodged a complaint that she was kidnapped and assaulted by five men in the Cinnamon Gardens (Kuruduwatta) area on November 25, 2019, sexually assaulted and detained for several hours after questioning about issuing a visa to Nishantha Silva who was a CID Inspector. A second official of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Switzerland had lodged a written complaint with the Acting Inspector General of Police on November 27, 2019.

The CID had commenced investigations on the instructions of the Acting Inspector General of Police and the complaint stated that the abducted woman had been abducted while going to her child’s school that day.

During the investigation, the Garnier Barrister Francis was summoned to the CID for questioning, but on her failure to do so, the Colombo Chief Magistrate, who had imposed a travel ban against her from traveling abroad and ordered her to appear before the CID before December 9.

Also, on December 16, on the instructions of the Attorney General, Garnier Barrister was made a suspect in the case and the CID arrested her and produced her before court.

Following that, she was remanded and was released on bail on December 30, 2019.