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Plans to conduct University exams online - UGC Chairman

University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Senior Prof. Sampath Amarathunga stated that focus has been shifted to conduct university exams online in the near future. Currently, discussions are ongoing at higher levels to make it fair for every undergraduate.

He also said that a specific date has not been decided and discussions are being carried out with University Vice-Chancellors assessing the pros and cons and practicability of online evaluation methods.

Prof. Amarathunga said that presently the universities are continuing teaching and learning through online methods and so far, it has shown a positive outcome.

Moreover, he said that options like open book assessments and moving on to analytical questions can be regarded as solutions.

“In that case, the UGC will have to provide circular instructions to universities regarding the preparation of papers. We will need moderators to act in this kind of situation,” he added.

He also added that none of the student unions have opposed online teaching methods and a positive contribution should be made by both learners and teachers.

“We should be solution-oriented to face any kind of a situation as we are unaware of the behaviour of the COVID-19 virus,” he said.

“Students must have proper access methods such as laptops or desktop computers as smartphones are not enough for an online evaluation. So, there is a barrier in this aspect. We are concerned about every minor detail regarding this,” he said.

When questioned regarding underprivileged students in universities, he said that details of those students must be gathered and proper solutions must be brought forward. “We cannot penalize those students; we should equally consider their rights as well” he said.

“During the last lockdown we introduced the online method for universities, but this time without prior announcement, every university started online teaching. Most of the universities are conducting lectures and some universities are undergoing the study leave period and the rest are on vacations. Only 15-20 percent are facing this exam issue. A practical solution will be reached very soon,” he added.

He further said that the UGC is very much concerned regarding online evaluation methods and a proper method will be soon be put forward.