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Veteran actress Anula Bulathsinhala passes away

Anula Bulathsinhala, the Veteran actress passed away. She was 73 at the time of his demise.

According to family sources she had passed away while receiving treatment for an ailment at a Hospital in Colombo.

Anula Bulathsinhala was popular for her acting prowess in Sri Lankan cinema, teledramas and stage dramas. She is also an accomplished singer.

Anula Bulathsinhala is well known for her roles in Sinhala movies Bawathra (2005), Asandimitta (2018) and Nil Diya Yahana (2008).

Her songs such as Deekiri Deekiri, like Thattu Karanna and Bundun Wadina Me Dathin Wedala Kiyannam are highly popular among local audiences.

Anula Bulathsinhala is the wife of veteran playwright, poet, stage drama producer and lyricist Lucien Bulathsinhala.