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Gangster Podi Lesi handed over to CID

Galle Chief Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela permitted the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to detain notorious gangster Arumahandi Janith Madushanka De Silva alias Podi Lesi for 90 days under their custody and further question him on several criminal charges.

He is presently remanded at the Boossa prison.The magistrate ordered the Boossa Prison Superintendent to release the suspect and hand him over to the CID.

The CID made the application by way of a motion submitted to the Galle Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

ASP Meril Ranjan Lamahewa in his submission stated that there was a case against 26 criminals for allegedly collecting firearms with the support of drug traffickers and a group of officers of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau and thereby functioning in a manner disrupting public peace by committing various deeds of violence.

Thirteen suspects out of above 26 criminals have been already remanded and 14 are detained under Detention Orders in the custody of the CID. Podi Lesi is alleged for keeping 11kgs and 800gms of heroin and 10 firearms in his possession and committing a number of crimes including homicides. The suspect is needed for further interrogations on above charges for which purpose an order has been issued by the Defense ministry under Section 124 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act No. 15 of 1979. So I plead to handover the suspect to the custody of the CID, the ASP further submitted.

On consideration of the submissions made by ASP Lamahewa, the Galle Chief Magistrate ordered the Boossa Prison Superintendent to hand over the suspect to the CID.

Podi Lesi who is the second respondent of the case regarding making death threats to the President, Defense Secretary and several other high ranking prison officials is currently remanded in Boossa Prisons which will be trialed today(16) at Galle Magistrate’s Court.